Sell more with Facebook Advertisting Automation.

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Made for Shopify and Facebook

Why use Looga?

With Looga, you can automate your Facebook Advertising and easily increase your efficiency

Creates Your Campaigns

You pick your best product, we create campaigns and ads in Facebook for you – much faster than doing it yourself!.

Optimizes Your Return

Budgets are permanently optimized accordingly to your ad performance, so that your money is never wasted.

On Demand Audiences

Our value-based Audiences find people like your best customers and automatically allocate your budget for the highest return

Need Help?

The app comes with free email and chat support directly in the Shopify App


The plan comes with a 7-day free trial.
After that, monthly pricing is $49 for everyone.


$ 49

Start your 7-day free trial by installing the Shopify App

Head over to the Shopify App Store to install Looga. Setup is as easy as pie and only takes one minute.

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